Young students asked to write pro-CAA postcards in Gujarat


Teachers at a school in Ahmedabad asked students to write congratulatory postcards to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act. The school apologised to parents, who protested against the exercise on Wednesday.

The message that teachers at Little Star School allegedly asked students to sign on Tuesday was: “Congratulations. I, citizen of India, congratulate honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for CAA. I and my family support this act.”

Teachers wrote the text on blackboards and asked students to copy it on postcards, parents alleged. The students were asked to mark the address of the Prime Minister’s Office in New Delhi on the postcards and submit them. Students from Class 5 to Class 10 were involved in the exercise. A parent alleged that students from Class 10 were threatened with losing grades in internal examinations they were currently taking if they did not write the postcards.

However, parents of these students at the institution identified as Little Star School were far from amused; according to the report, they protested before the management and tore up the postcards as a mode of protest. “My daughter studies in Class VI. I got to know on Tuesday evening that her teacher had asked the entire class to write congratulatory messages in support of CAA to Modi. My child doesn’t understand the issue. She is being forced to be a part of it, which is unacceptable to us,” a parent said.

The school management on their part disavowed any role in the incident, and instead chalked it to “misuse of power” by a teacher.


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