Never before seen virus detected, Chinese Embassy opens hotline in India


A never-before-seen virus detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan has claimed at least 25 lives and infected hundreds of Chinese citizens with a pneumonia-like illness, according to China’s National Health Commission. The virus was first reported to the World Health Organization on Dec. 31 and has been under investigation since. Chinese scientists have linked the disease to a family of viruses known as coronaviruses, which include the deadly SARS and Middle East respiratory syndrome.

Scientists have yet to fully understand the destructive potential of the new virus, known as 2019-nCoV. Researchers and investigators are just beginning to figure out where it originated, how it’s transmitted and how far it has spread.

As of Thursday, case numbers had skyrocketed to more than 800 in China and abroad. Chinese authorities also confirmed that health workers have been infected with the virus, suggesting that human-to-human transmission is possible. Authorities are taking steps to guard against its spread. On Thursday, the World Health Organization reconvened an emergency committee to explore whether the virus constitutes a public health emergency. The body decided it’s still too early to declare an emergency on a global level.

The Chinese embassy in India has started two hotlines to assist people following the outbreak of coronavirus in China which has so far claimed 25 lives. The two hotlines are —+8618612083629, +8618612083617


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