Coronavirus: A threat to life and business in China and the World


China is struggling to fight the outbreak of coronavirus that has originated from Wuhan City and is slowly spreading all across the country. The virus is highly contagious and has already claimed the lives of at least 170 people with more than 7000 believed to be infected.

As per scientists, the coronavirus originated in bats and snakes and since they are a part of Chinese cuisine, it got transferred to humans too, much like SARS virus back in 2002-03. But unlike in many previous outbreaks, where vaccines to protect people have taken years to develop, research for a vaccine to help stem this outbreak got under way within hours of the virus being identified.

Chinese officials released its genetic code very quickly. That information helps scientists determine where the virus probably came from, how it might mutate as the outbreak develops, and how to protect people against it. With technological advancement and greater commitment from governments around the world to fund research on emerging diseases, research facilities were able to spring into action fast.

At Inovio’s lab in San Diego, scientists are using a relatively new type of DNA technology to develop a potential vaccine with plans for it to enter human trials by the early summer.

In order to minimize the damage and the threat to human life, Chinese government is taking all possible steps. The Mayor of Wuhan province has taken responsibility for delay in corrective measures and even offered to resign from his position. Authorities in China have imposed indefinite travel restrictions on tens of millions of people across 11 cities in an unprecedented effort to contain the spread, as hospitals at the epicentre of the outbreak struggle to handle a surge in new patients.

The virus, which was first discovered in the city of Wuhan in December, has spread to every province in China, except the remote autonomous regions of Qinghai and Tibet. The weeklong Lunar New Year holiday, which began Friday, has led to concerns that the outbreak could quickly accelerate, as hundreds of millions of people travel across the country to visit friends and relatives.

India may lose business worth millions of dollars due to the Chinese coronavirus epidemic. The scare around the virus as well as precautions threaten to disrupt supply of components and availability and launch of mobiles phones, televisions and other electronics products.

The parts pipeline of top brands such as Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, TCL, Lenovo, Apple and RealMe is likely to get impacted. It’s also worrying for large contract manufacturers such as Foxconn etc because uncertainty over new supplies may hit production in the coming weeks.

Phone and electronics makers are also facing an alarming situation. Future component supplies to Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo look under pressure. While Apple now sources iPhone XR and 7 from India, their components come mainly from China. Also, all other products of the company have a connection to China.

It is essential that all the countries of the world come together to fight this menace as it threatens the lives of millions of innocent civilians and also disrupts the socio-economic fabric of the society.


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