BJP becomes desperate before Delhi Elections, resorts to lies and propaganda


As Delhi Elections come nearer, BJP is trying with all its might to malign the name of Aam Aadmi Party using lies, deceit and propaganda. After the BJP leader Anurag Thakur made the crowd chant the slogans of “Desh ke gaddaro ko, goli maaro saalo ko”, there have been two incidents of firing at the protests in Delhi. The two culprits have been named as Rambhakt Gopal and Kapil Gujjar. Now BJP and law enforcement agencies are trying with all their might to link these cases somehow to Aam Aadmi Party.

Delhi Police has claimed that Kapil Gujjar had joined Aam Aadmi Party back in 2019 while the family of Kapil Gujjar has denied any such claims. Sanjay Singh of the AAP has denied any connection with Kapil Gujjar and said, “There is no point in releasing such photographs. This is part of BJP’s [Bharatiya Janata Party] dirty politics. Crime should be investigated and stern action should be taken against the culprit.”

Election Commission slammed the Delhi Police officer for his statements to the media that the man who was caught last week after firing in the air near Shaheen Bagh and his father had joined a particular political party. The poll panel said the officers action was uncalled for and ordered the Delhi Police that Deputy Commissioner Rajesh Deo should not be assigned any work related to the Delhi election.

“The Commission has considered the matter in detail and is of the considered view that the above-referred statements referring to a political party at this stage even as the investigation is still going on has the effect of adversely impacting the elections. This action was totally uncalled for. The conduct on the part of Rajesh Deo has consequences on the holding of free and fair elections,” the EC said in a letter to the Delhi Police Commissioner.

Moreover, the President of Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Mahasabha, Ranjit Bacchan, was shot in the head while going on a morning walk. A propaganda was churned out from BJP mouthpieces that he became a victim of Muslim fundamentalism. An investigation into the matter revealed that he was killed because of an extra-marital relationship of his second wife.

Lucknow Police Commissioner Sujit Pandey said that Ranjit Bachchan’s second wife Smriti Srivastava, her paramour Dipendra and driver Sanjit Gautam have been arrested in connection with the case. All three were held on Thursday, while the shooter – Jitendra – is yet to be arrested.

In order to malign the anti-CAA protests and Shaheen Bagh, BJP supporters are not leaving any stone unturned. A BJP Supporter, identified as Gunja Kapoor, had entered the Shaheen bagh protest wearing a burqa. According to police, the protesters turned suspicious after the woman asked ‘too many questions’. She was caught by some of the women protesters after they identified her as YouTuber Kapoor. The incident led to a commotion at Shaheen Bagh, the epicentre of protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The police stepped in and she was taken into custody.



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