BJP concedes that hateful remarks made it suffer in Delhi Polls


Two days after the electoral loss in the Delhi assembly elections, home minister on Thursday clarified that it was possible that the fate of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was impacted by the hate remarks made by some of the party leaders.

Speaking at the Times Now Summit, Shah said that while the BJP had distanced itself from such remarks made by Member of Parliament Parvesh Sahib Singh and minister of state (MoS) finance Anurag Thakur.

“We had distanced ourselves from those comments. It is possible that we might have suffered partially because of those comments,” he was quoted as saying.

Talking about the performance of BJP in the recently concluded assembly polls in the national capital, Shah said that people of Delhi had not rejected BJP. “It’s not like the people rejected us. Kejriwal was third in the Lok Sabha elections. That doesn’t mean that he was rejected by the people of Delhi. Election results are not a reflection on ideologies. We haven’t abandoned our ideology ever,” said Shah while answering a question.

The Union home minister said Delhi election result was not a mandate on the Citizenship Amendment Act and the NRC. “Elections are the result of a combination of several factors. They are not fought and assessed on one issue,” he said.

Strongly defending CAA and slamming the protests against the Act, Amit Shah said “I am yet to be told the reason for these protests by anyone. Which Article in the Act is an issue? How is this Act anti-Muslim or anti-minority?”

“CAA’s merits should be discussed, and I have answered every question of the opposition in Parliament. I am ready to discuss even today,” he added.

“Anyone who wants to discuss issues related to CAA with me can seek time from my office; will allot time within three days,” Amit Shah said adding, “Everyone has a right to protest peacefully.”


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