Lapses in India’s security and safety being overlooked by BJP leaders


As India mourns the death of 40 CRPF soldiers who lost their lives in a terror attack on 14th February, 2019 i.e. last year, the question comes back as to who was responsible for the intel failure and what convictions have been made in this regard. The ruling party BJP is always on about how National Security is its priority and it always asks for vote in the name of strengthening the defence of the country but it is surprising that no arrests or convictions have been made even one year after the tragedy. It is impossible to pull off such a huge task without inside help and it must be the biggest intelligence failure in recent Indian history.

The CRPF inquiry report points out that though there was a general alert regarding an IED threat during the period, there was no specific threat from a car-borne suicide bomber. The report stated that no such “input” was shared by any of the intelligence agencies in Kashmir Valley where the forces were forewarned to take precautionary steps.

Moreover, it is bizarre that even after one year of the incident, NIA is still unable to find the source of the explosives used in the attack. This creates a cause of concern for the civilians not only in Kashmir but all over India as National Investigative Agency (NIA) is supposed to be very vigilant and responsible for the nation’s safety.

A senior government official has rightly commented that around 25 kg of plastic explosives could not have been bought off a shop, it was warfare ammunition generally found in military stores. An NIA official also confirmed that the explosives found in the car were ammonium nitrate, nitro-glycerine and RDX which are extremely difficult to get hold of.

Another front where BJP government is leaving gaping holes in India’s security is the threat of Coronavirus from China. The death toll in China has surpassed 1100 while the infected people have touched the mark of 64,000 globally.

The death toll is rising phenomenally and it is a cause of worry for all the countries and most of all, India which shares border with China and which already has a confirmed case in Kerala and two passengers have been put in isolation over Coronavirus suspension.

There is so much paranoia and fear mongering going on that a Bengaluru man hanged himself in fears of having contracted Coronavirus while it was established that he misdiagnosed himself.

While nobody is paying heed to these lapses in Indian security, Rahul Gandhi has asked these questions to the government in many tweets. On one hand, he has asked the government as to what are the convictions made as per Pulwama intel failure and on the other, he has demanded answers as to what the government is doing to tackle the threat of Coronavirus from China.


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