Essential to exercise caution as Coronavirus brings the whole world to a halt


The world is struggling with the Covid19 Virus aka Coronavirus that originated from the wet food market of Wuhan in the Hubei Province of China. So far, it has infected more than 200,000 people all over the world and caused the deaths of almost 9,000 people. Government all over the world are taking precaution and asking citizens to minimize social contacts and refrain from holding large gathering. The virus is severely contagious and has a high mortality rate that is leading to increasing number of people losing their lives.

The country that is most affected is China where the virus originated, where the official figures give an estimate of almost 80,000 people being infected and more than 3,000 losing their lives but the way China curtails its media, there are speculations by experts that the numbers are much higher than that and that the Chinese government is downplaying the numbers to save its image. This is also reported that Chinese government was aware of the spread of the Coronavirus back in December 2019 but the world was not made aware of the crisis till it didn’t reach gargantuan levels by the end of January 2020.

The next country that is most severely affected is Italy with a death toll almost equal to China where 3,000 people have lost their lives. Italy suffered the heaviest loss of life when it lost 475 lives in one day on 18th of March, 2020 which is a record anywhere else in the world. Italy is worst hit after China possibly because the leather factories in Italy had given employment to hundreds and thousands of labourers from China and they used to frequently travel to China. Italy’s medical system is on a verge of collapse despite being the second most effective medical health system in the world. Hundreds of people are dying on a daily basis where the elderly population is the worst affected. Italy is working on the war footing where its doctors are deciding whom to treat and whom to let die based on the age and survival possibilities. Coronavirus is reported to affect the older people more than the younger population though the young can be very effective carriers of the virus.

Another country that is struggling to cope with the virus that has seen over 1000 deaths and almost 17,000 people infected is Iran. Iranian regime is struggling to meet the needs of the patients but they are finding it hard because of the sanctions put up against their country. US is blocking medicines, healthcare facilities and necessary appliances from reaching Iran and hence, Iranian civilians have seen heavy casualties. Sanctions are a part of war and the hundreds and thousands of Iranians dying would be counted as a crime against humanity by the United States.

Apart from China, Italy and Iran, the countries that are worst affected by the virus are Spain, Germany, US, France, South Korea, Switzerland and UK. Spain is reporting high number of cases everyday with mass casualties dying of complications because of the virus.

The world is in lockdown, people who are infected are quarantined and those who are not infected have isolated themselves. All the countries are racing to first come up with the vaccine to counter the harmful effects of the virus on the human body, but scientists are speculating that it might take anywhere from 6 months to a year before the vaccine is available to be used at a mass scale. Till the time the vaccine is not developed, it is essential to minimize social gatherings and maintaining hygiene for the safety of self and the others.


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