Chinese government is to be blamed for unleashing a disaster on the World


The way Coronavirus has taken the world by a storm, it has given rise to many speculations as to why China did not raise the alarm before. It is reported that China recorded its first victim of Novel Coronavirus back in November 2019 and it covered up its victims up till January 2020. The world became aware of the new discovery of this virus only when the death toll in China reached thousands. The world governments were not ready to deal with the storm that this virus brought upon them and the worldwide number of cases has reached 5,50,000 while the death toll is reaching 25,000.

Notable diplomat and thinker Paul Miller states that this crisis is inherently political because it was caused in part by incompetent, malicious, and corrupt politicians. To ignore the political dimension of the coronavirus pandemic is an excellent way to ensure it happens again. If we do not want another global pandemic, we have to hold accountable the politicians responsible for making it worse, chief among them Chinese President Xi Jinping. He did not create the novel coronavirus, but his government’s missteps are directly responsible for its global transmission and uncontrolled spread, with all its terrible consequences to populations and economies around the world.

Chinese government silenced the whistleblowers and alarmists who were warning the public of a natural disaster for months. As the crisis grew, there have been speculations that China is not revealing its true number of human casualties and thereby, unleashing this virus on a world that is not prepared for this disaster.

America has surpassed virus hotspots China and Italy with 82,404 cases of infection, according to a tracker run by Johns Hopkins University. When asked about this disaster, President Trump’s instinctive response was to question other countries’ statistics. “It’s a tribute to the amount of testing that we’re doing,” Trump told reporters. “We’re doing tremendous testing, and I’m sure you’re not able to tell what China is testing or not testing. I think that’s a little hard.”

Donald Trump was first insisting on blaming China and calling it Chinese Virus but after a telephonic conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping, he changed his tune, and tweeted: “Just finished a very good conversation with President Xi of China. Discussed in great detail the CoronaVirus that is ravaging large parts of our Planet. China has been through much & has developed a strong understanding of the Virus. We are working closely together. Much respect!”

World Health Organization said in January 2020 that there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission of Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 which was later proven to be false. The rate of transmission of this virus is very high which is making it so difficult to contain it despite all the measures.

It is essential that the governments protect citizens of their own countries and also take care of the economy. A record 3.3 million people have filed for unemployment in US and the similar scenario can be created in India if this virus is not contained within time.


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