PM Modi asks for a 9-minute Diwali on 5 April


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked Indians to stand united in the fight against coronavirus. In an attempt to show the unity of 1.3 billion people, PM Modi has asked Indians to switch off the lights in their homes and light candles, diyas or the mobile flashlight for nine minutes at 9pm on April 5. This is the second such show of unity the Prime Minister has urged for. During janta curfew, PM Modi asked people to clap and clank utensils in their homes as a show of support to the frontline workers.

The Prime Minister said, “This Sunday we must show coronavirus that we fight with light. We must show it the strength of 1.3 billion people. On April 5, I ask you for 9 minutes of your time. Switch off all the lights at home. Light a candle or diya or mobile flashlight at the doors of your homes for 9 minutes. When we all do this, we can show the force of the light. We must realise that we are not alone.” He also urged people to not gather outside their homes for this.

PM Modi said that this exercise would show the unity of Indians. He added that we must shine light on the ones who are the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. “We must move towards the light. We must take the ones who are affected the most — the ones with less resources — towards hope. We must move past the darkness and uncertainty that has been created, and go towards the light. We must spread the light everywhere,” he said.


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