Shri Vishal Dutt: The Good Samaritan on the Indian Scenario


Some people spread light of hope and happiness wherever they go, and combat the dark forces by their positivity. Such people are a blessing for humanity and they become a symbol of hope for the underprivileged sections of the society. One such personality is the very honorable Pandit Vishal Dutt. He is a Hindi and Sanskrit Scholar who possesses immense knowledge in both these languages, and his prowess about their nuances is well known.

Coming from a religious Brahmin family in Punjab, he moved to Mumbai in early 1960s. He embarked on the profession of construction and building and after possessing a knack for the business he soon soared to the heights of success and became a symbol of accomplishment.

People like Pandit Vishal Dutt are very selfless who always care for the hapless and helpless people around them. They have a heart of gold that beats for anyone and everyone around them. He has always pledged his silent support to the poor people in his vicinity and donated generous amounts to the welfare of the impoverished masses.

He does not like the attention and limelight because he genuinely cares for the people and does not want to be publicly acknowledged for his efforts. Nevertheless, once in a while, such people need to be celebrated so as to make an example for everyone to see.

Mumbai is under the scare of wildly infectious disease Coronavirus that is spreading very fast throughout the world. The government announced a lockdown which rendered many workers and daily wage labourers unemployed and impoverished. Pandit Vishal Dutt has always been at the forefront to help those dwelling in the Mumbai slums and now he is extending help to many migrant workers who are in dire need of financial assistance.

He is a part of numerous social organizations who work for the welfare of the masses by combining the efforts of many like-minded and privileged people of the society. His social activities span across all walks of life and he is always ready to help those in need.

Nazia Khan, General Secretary of UP Shiv Sena, is also compiling a book on the life and efforts of Pandit Vishal Dutt. She also believes that the efforts of such silent sympathizers of the society should be highlighted so that people can take inspiration and illumination from their efforts.

Pandit Vishal Dutt comes from a much respected, religious family that is also known for its social services. His father Shriman Pandit Ram Krishan Sharma was a much respected scholar of Hindi and Sanskrit and a very religious man himself. Professionally he was a renowned doctor of his period. His mother Shrimati Krishan Sharma was also an acclaimed religious scholar. His family is respected and revered in Punjab.

Pandit Vishal Dutt is an example of a person whose life is rife with efforts of social welfare, the man who thinks about the society and actually translates his thoughts into actions. He is the Good Samaritan of humanity that India needs. Smt. Usha Vishal Dutt complements his efforts as an eminent social activist, philanthropist of India.


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