Border tensions with China another example of failed diplomacy by the BJP government


India is locking horns with the most populous country in the world, China which has a lot more powerful battle capabilities than India. China is transgressing boundaries on the Eastern Front of Indian landmass and the army of both the countries is facing each other waiting for the orders.

Tensions are flaring as governments from the U.S. to Europe, Japan and Australia move to cut a dependence on China exposed by the pandemic, and India spies an economic opening that it’s seeking to exploit. But analysts of India-China relations say Prime Minister Narendra Modi risks stoking tensions with Beijing in siding too closely with Donald Trump at a time when the U.S. president is picking a fight with China.

The military buildup at the un-demarcated border at Pangong Tso lake should not be seen in isolation, but set against the backdrop of Beijing’s deteriorating international relations during the coronavirus outbreak.

Having seized the initiative by securing approximately 40-60 square km of Indian territory in three different areas, China will be negotiating from a position of strength to restore status quo on its own terms. If diplomacy fails, China has come prepared for a border skirmish or a limited war.

India has to ensure that China does not advance similar claims in future to gain tactical advantage and humiliate India at will. If it cannot be done diplomatically, then it must be done by force. However, rather than evolving a clear strategy and broadly sharing it with the nation, the Narendra Modi government and the military have gone into ‘denial’ about any loss of territory, attributing the present situation to differing perceptions about the LAC.

Congress has been critical of PM Modi’s silence on these developments and Rahul Gandhi has asked Centre to reveal to the public what is happening with China.

Shashi Tharoor said that prime minister’s silence on the issue is ‘bizarre’ particularly when even the US and Russia have expressed concern over developments along the LAC. While Defence Minister Rajnath Singh made a statement about the situation, PM Modi is yet to break his silence.

Tharoor said that diplomacy is indeed done best behind closed doors but Indian citizens need to be assured that China’s actions are being dealt with in a befitting manner. “Diplomacy is not conducted via media or social media”, he said.

China might be feeling singled out in the aftermath of the charges of secrecy around the spread of coronavirus and asserting its might, he added. He also emphasises the futility of the war-cry for boycotting Chinese goods as India-China trade relations are lopsided and China’s high investment stakes in India are better for us.

The government and Indian Media are asking the consumers to boycott Chinese products but it is not asking the Centre to stop the import of Chinese products in the market. The government should realize that Indians do not go to China to buy Chinese products, they only buy those Chinese products that are allowed in the Indian Market by the Indian government.


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