Usha Dutt: A Selfless Warrior and a Humanitarian Activist


It’s only in the times of necessity and need that a society recognizes its true heroes, and since it is the time of Coronavirus pandemic, all the efforts of social activists are making a difference.

One such social activist is Usha Dutt who has been working continuously to make the life in Covid affected regions easier for the underprivileged sections of society.

Humanity First Foundation, a social welfare organization, acknowledged her efforts and awarded her Certificate of Appreciation for her humanitarian efforts to support people in the Corona Virus Pandemic Situation.

This is the time when women are coming to the front line of the altruistic efforts with men and doing their bit for the betterment of society. Usha Dutt is also one such woman who has left no stone unturned in her altruistic, charity work. Women Power Association also acknowledged her efforts in empowering women in the downtrodden sections of society.

Usha Dutt is respected and renowned for her commitment to humanity and her selfless acts of virtue. She is setting examples for the new generation to follow.

Her efforts were merited with a Certificate of Appreciation from Aarna Foundation for supporting Corona warriors at the critical time of Corona Pandemic.

In the dark times of pandemic and cyclones, there are countless lives that are dependent on the fortunate ones. Usha Dutt has taught a lesson that the poor and hapless are the responsibility of the privileged people who can help them in the time of need.


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