BJP engaged in ‘digital rallies’ as migrants’ crisis continues


The tale of Corona crisis in India is going through many twists and turns and is turning into a disaster with every passing day. With cyclones ravaging the cities and earthquakes shaking the ground beneath the feet, the migrant crisis was the biggest failure of the States and Central government.

At least 80 people lost their lives starving in the Shramik trains and hundreds more perished while walking home and amidst this situation, the Union Minister stated that not a single person starved in the Coronavirus crisis. This shows the apathy of government towards poor people.

As the nation trembled with coronavirus, cyclones, earthquakes, migrant crisis, the Home Minister Amit Shah was nowhere to be seen, but as soon as the rallies were started, Amit Shah woke up from his slumber and organized a huge digital rally. LED TV sets were installed in the regions where people are starving.

In Bihar, the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) had alleged that BJP had spent Rs 144 Crore on the LED TV sets at the rate of Rs 20,000 each. If the party has got its figures right, it would mean that the BJP has bought the sets at wholesale rates. Hired or bought, it would have been a logistical nightmare to transport and deploy the same sets in three states over three consecutive days.

BJP leaders were elated at pulling off the virtual rallies. And in particular they seemed impressed with a LED TV placed in a bamboo grove in a Bengal village. The National General Secretary (Organisation) B.L. Santhosh tweeted, “People in remote villages of West Bengal listening to Amit Shah during ‘BJP Samvad’. This is the reach BJP has achieved through relentless pursuit for the last five years. People want better days.”

Not only this, but in a turn of events that can be called bizarre even by the standards of BJP government, Amit Shah went on to say that BJP might have fallen short in its efforts but what has Opposition done, what has Congress done..

He said “Some short-sighted people, some people in the Opposition… I want to ask them… there may have been lapses on our part, but our commitment was clear. We may have made a mistake, we may have fallen short, we may not have been able to do something. But what did you do? Someone talks in Sweden, in English, to fight against corona in the country. Someone talks in America. What did you do? Give an account to the people of the country. I have come to give an account. When the corona crisis hit, the Narendra Modi government gave a package of Rs 1,70,000 crore for 60 crore people, for the people of the country. You ask us questions? Apart from interviews, the Congress did nothing”.

It is almost as if Amit Shah already considers Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Minister of the country. It is unreal that the Party President and the Home Minister of a democratically elected government is transferring the blame on to the opposition. The same opposition that contributed to solving the migrants’ crisis and helped countless labourers reach home and the same opposition that faced hurdles at the hands of Yogi government in handling the woes of poor labourers.


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