China enters Indian territory, Army men lose lives, Government refraining from much comment

File Photo: Public Front

The tension is escalating on the India-China border every passing day and the government is refraining from giving any clear indications of its policy. On June 10, the Major General and Lt. General of the Indian and Chinese Army met to discuss de-escalation without success.

Within a week, China troops entered Indian Territory which led to a violent clash with the Indian Army men. Since established international agreements do not allow soldiers to use arms at that disputed site during face offs, the Chinese soldiers ambushed Indian troops with batons and bamboos wrapped in barbed wire.

At first, the reported deaths of Indian military personnel were 3 which later climbed to 20 while some reports claimed that over 40 Chinese Army men have been killed without any official statement from China. This is one of the bloodiest skirmishes with China since the war of 1962. Even after 12 hours of the incident, there was no explanation by the Defence Minister or any condolence message from the Prime Minister who later broke their silence after Rahul Gandhi questioned them.

“Disturbing and Painful” is how Defence Minister Rajnath Singh describes the incursion by China in the Indian Territory and the martyrdom of 20 soldiers at the hands of People’s Liberation Army.

It is not news for anyone that it is disturbing and painful, but there is still no word on the escalation of tension at the border, the media personnel are left with their guesswork and the common man is bereft of transparency and information, which totally ill behooves a democracy.

Psychological warfare is part of Chinese official military doctrine which exploits internal rifts in the system of a country against its interests. The talks of de-escalation so far have failed because China has analyzed the lack of resolution and political will from the Indian State.

One can get cheap thrills out of comparing number of casualties on both sides of the border but at the end of the day it is intrusion inside Indian borders and killing of military personnel by the Chinese troops.

Amidst the loss of lives of military personnel at the border, Indian government has given absolutely no clear indication of its policy towards China. It is because of this confusion that a common Indian is boycotting Chinese products but China is also getting orders of bulletproof jackets for the Indian Army. It is because of this confusion that Indian media channels are screaming to boycott China on shows powered by Chinese corporations. Till the time Indian government does not grow a spine to take a clear stand on China, a common Indian will live under this confusion and bewilderment.

Three days after violent clash in Galwan Valley area in Ladakh, Chinese military freed 10 Indian Army personnel, including four officers, to Patrol Point 14 on Thursday at 5.30pm, sources said.

The 10 Indian Army soldiers included two Majors, two Captains and six jawans from two units, the sources added.

An agreement on the release was reached at Major General-level talks between the Indian Army and China’s People’s Liberation Army. During talks, the Indian officers were reportedly assured of the safety of soldiers on Thursday. The Indian delegation was also shown pictures of soldiers held captive by the Chinese.

PM Modi and Godi Media have time and again said that Congress had always been complacent on the border disputes, and how Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was weak on China situation, but how a “strong” leadership tackles the bully of China still remains to be seen.


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