Mithlesh Agarwal, a selfless social worker and educationist from U.P. bringing change in the lives of rural India with free education


Following the announcement of the new NEP by the Modi government that brings major reforms in India’s education system the talk of how modern education would play an important role in the lives of the 21st century youth has gained prominence. The Modi government has brought key reforms in education to reflect the changes and advancements of the 21st century. It has increased the budgetary funding to education and created increased access to disadvantaged groups.

The importance of education is equally appreciated and promoted by leaders and social workers alike who have taken it upon themselves to bring change in the lives of the people through education. One such social worker and leader who has been tirelessly working for reforms and improvements in education of rural India is Mithlesh Agarwal.

Mithlesh Agarwal is a social worker, political leader, activist and educationist from Farrukhabad, U.P. Mithlesh has been playing an important role in bringing quality education to citizens of not only urban but also rural areas in India. Many steps undertaken my Mithlesh with the aim of increasing literacy rate among backward sections of the society have been in line with the new reforms in education brought by the Modi government. Mithlesh is the director of C.P. Group of Schools, Farrukhabad. Through the C.P. Group of Schools Mithlesh has been promoting progressive learning among tens of thousands of students since three decades by preparing students for global challenges and 21st century advancements. Her vision is to provide all-round development of students in addition to the academic learning. To keep students abreast of latest developments Mithlesh has always encouraged learning with a focus on technology.

With the success achieved by students through the use of state-of-the-art technology in Farrukhabad schools Mithlesh has transferred many ideas and modern education methodology to several districts in U.P. so children could benefit from them in rural areas also. Her vision is to equip rural schools with modern infrastructure and learning resources to promote inclusion in education of disadvantaged groups. Her focus has also been on the education of the girl child who has suffered long neglect in rural societies. Through their education Mithlesh intends to empower the girl child and contribute towards “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” vision of Modi government.

Mithlesh has always been a proponent of multi-lingual education system. Her schools instruct pupils in English as well as another language for their better understanding. The introduction of multi-lingual system is also a key aspect of the new NEP.

Mithlesh aims to transform lives of rural societies in India through education and currently runs several programmes to provide free education to hundreds of children in U.P’s districts. Mithlesh has also introduced key initiatives to support the families of these children by providing subsidized cattle feed to dairy farmers in 2500 villages covering 8 districts with over 85000 farmers. The reduction of economical stress of farmers has in turn changed their perception towards education of their children.

Mithlesh’s selfless dedication, commitment and contribution in the field of education and social work have won her accolades from all corners. In recognition of her continued support towards the betterment of lives of rural society and her commendable contribution in education Public Front–India’s National English Weekly is presenting her with the Award of Honour.



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