Sanjay Singh – the spirited campaigner of AAP


Sanjay Singh, the national spokesperson and current Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament from the Aam Aadmi Party is popularly recognized as a proponent of the “new political system” in India which began with the formation of AAP in New Delhi in 2012. With selfless leaders like Singh, AAP has become a big platform that is widely acknowledged by “aam admi” as a party that believes in serving the interests of the society. Singh has been a senior leader of the party since its inception, and is a member of the party’s foremost decision-making body, the Political Affairs Committee (PAC). He joined hands with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in his political campaigns from the Right to Information campaign in 2006 to the 2011 Indian anti-corruption movement led by social activist Anna Hazare.

Sanjay Singh, born in a family of educationists, hails from the Sultanpur District of Uttar Pradesh. After his studies in mechanical engineering, Singh with a keen eye on helping the poor and serving the community formed the Azad Samaj Seva Samiti in Sultanpur in 1994. He started working for and among the poor — organizing blood donation camps, health camps and campaigning for people’s rights. The other organisation he worked with was the ‘Azad Sewa Samiti’, than he moved to Delhi and started the kedari on riksha stand near New Delhi railway station, soon he became the kedari prominent leader in Delhi which later became a part of the National Hawkers’ Association.

Prior to joining politics, Sanjay Singh led and associated himself with many social movements and causes for people’s welfare. He has been a fellow companion of renowned socialist leader Shri Raghu Thakur of Democratic Socialist Party, and participated in various welfare and socialist conferences and movements along with him. Singh was involved in a 16-year struggle for the rights of the street vendors in Uttar Pradesh and proffered his services for disaster relief operations in Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Tamil Nadu and Nepal. He later carried on the legacy of Anna Hazare’s 2011 Anti-Corruption movement countrywide.

Singh has been the In-charge of party affairs in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. He was also in-charge of the Punjab state unit of the party when it contested the Punjab Assembly election in February 2017. Under his leadership, the party became the largest opposition party in Punjab and has the Leader of Opposition in its debut electoral contest.

Sanjay Singh’s spirited AAP campaigns in UP has resulted in UP government filing several FIRs against the leader which shows the big threat he has become to many parties, but despite several odds against him the people’s leader has promised not giving up on the public-centric politics in UP. He continues to question the government and raise matters of public concern and works towards welfare of all people irrespective of caste and religion. The leader says he is “seeking justice for all 24 crore people, be it Brahmins, Mauryas, Rajbhars, Nishads, Pals, Gujjars, Jaats, Yadavs, Khatiks, Kurmis, Lodhs, everyone.”

The leader’s focus as in-charge of UP affairs has been to reach out to the public, organisation building and questioning the UP government.

Singh has indeed become the spirited campaigner of the rights of people who is establishing and developing grassroots support for the public-centric AAP.

In recognition of his dedication, commitment and contribution towards the welfare of the poor and the common people at large, Public Front–India’s National English Weekly has presented him with the Award of Honour.



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