Satyaprakash Agarwal: A man of Great Deeds


According to a popular Indian belief wealth can be used for three purposes: charity, personal enjoyment and in pursuit of destructive ideals, and wiser men are those who give preference to charitable and welfare objectives above everything else. There are many who possess wealth, but not all possess religious devotion and altruism at the same time. For those who believe, only when the divinity showers its infinite mercy on someone does it elect him for special causes.

Leading businessman and Managing Administrator C.P. Education Group, Chairman C.P. Milk & Food Products and well-known Social Worker Satyaprakash Agarwal is one such being whom the providence inspires to noble deeds. By virtue of this inspiration he uses his self-accumulated wealth liberally for many religious and charitable purposes: be it preservation/renovation of temples, or laying of roads, whether it is plantation of trees – out of boundless love for nature, or provision of monetary assistance to financially weak students, or free medical assistance to the poor, he plays a modest yet significant role in every sphere. In performance of these deeds his wife and BJP State Working Committee Member Dr. Mithlesh Agarwal and other family members lend exceptional physical, material and moral support. Also due to immense blessings of his respected father Shri Chandraprakash Agarwal (Pikko Babu), Satyaprakash Agarwal is able to perform these undertakings successfully.

Among his recent devotional activities is renovation of a very old temple in Prithvi-Darwaza dedicated to Shri Banke Bihari, which is claimed to be 251 years old. From 2015-2017, he had been engaged in renovation of temple premises  wherein besides several impressive idols,  he has installed a grand idol of Banke Bihari Ji made of splendid black stone and a charming idol of Radha Rani carved out of milky white stone. Other than these, he has also installed magnificent idols of Shri Laddu Gopal, made from an amalgam of eight metals, Shri Ram, Sita and Laxman, and that of Narsingh Bhagwan. Entire temple is being built with fine workmanship of artisans and engravers sourced from Dhaulpur’s Karauli and Great Makrana regions of Rajasthan. Since 2019 relentless work has been carried out in temple courtyard. The temple is being built in the image of Mathura’s Shri Radha Raman. An attempt is being made to accord it the grandeur of Vrindavan’s Banke Bihari Lal temple.  Built on an area of 6 dismils – over two floors-  the temple has become cynosure of all eyes.

Apart from this, he has also sponsored temple renovation in Farrukhabad and neighbouring districts including Gama Devi temple in Kayamgunj’s Ghasiya Chilauli, old Som Sabha Shiv temple, Hanuman  Garhi temple  premises, Shiv temple Ataipur’s  two courtyards, renovation on grand scale of old temple in Aliyapur. Beyond this, he has sponsored construction and renovation work at various Dharmshalas, Ashrams, Baraatghars, Shamshanghaats, belonging to other communities, adding rooms and courtyards to these facilities during its course. Moreover, Satyaprakash Agarwal has sponsored commendable work at Muslim Dargas and shrines, setting thereby a glaring example of the great Indian tradition of ‘unity in diversity’.

Nature lover and conservator of trees and environment, Satyaprakash Agarwal has planted more than 25,000 saplings in Kayamganj (Farrukhabad), Lucknow, Bareli, Shahjahanpur, Barabanki, Shikohabad, Etah, Kasganj and other neighbouring towns and rural areas, in their heart and along roads. Wherever trees are felled or become scanty, he has new ones planted with the help of his own staff at his personal cost and ensures they are taken care of by sanctioning regular monetary allowance to locals for their upkeep.



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