BARRISTER MOHAMMED AZMATHULLAH SIDDIQUI- An Eminent Socio-Political Activist of India


Great results are achieved by great men, not by passive and unresponsive individuals. There are many sons of the Hyderabadi soil, who migrate to distant lands for higher studies and come out with flying colours but seldom do we find an altruist among them.

Barrister M A Siddiqui: File Photo Public Front News

Many in Hyderabad, Deccan can boast of the prestigious qualification Bar-at-Law, but a man of deep faith and conviction is rare among them. Mohammed Azmathullah Siddiqui is one such Bar-at-Law who has decided to return to his place of birth and to serve the masses with uncompromising altruism.

Mohammed Azmathullah Siddiqui on being Called to the Bar of England & Wales

Mohammed Azmathullah Siddiqui is a scion of an affluent family of landlords but this family is also a torch bearer in the field of education.

Mohammed- Azmathullah Siddiqui has an impressive array of  qualifications:

Mohammed Azmathullah Siddiqui alma mater is Nizam College from where he obtained Degree in Commerce.

Mohammed Azmathullah Siddiqui completed his schooling from St. George Grammar High School. He is a First Class MBA from University of Wales, United Kingdom, subsequently getting his PGDL and LLM from the world famous Oxford University. He obtained his BAR-at-Law from Inner Temple, London, United Kingdom. It is a feather in the cap of Mohammed Azmathullah Siddiqui that Inner Temple is celebrating its 400th year of establishment and during such a momentous occasion he was crowned with his Bar-at-Law degree.

Mohammed Azmathullah Siddiqui has a performance record that is par excellence whether it be academic or vocational. He is presently chairman of law firm “Siddiqui&Siddiqui” associates and serves the countrymen through his associates with passion and philanthropy.

Barrister Siddiqui along with Lord Justice Scott Baker and Lady Baker (Photo: London)

Mohammed Azmathullah Siddiqui has an illustrious family background: All his ancestors were luminaries in their own right. His grand father (Paternal) Late Mohammed Ahmedullah Siddiqui was a great Educationist of his time who had the privilege of being a pupil and also a protégé of the legendary philosopher — poet Dr. Iqbal. Late Justice Abul Fazal Syed Mahmood Quadri is his grand father (Maternal) who hailed from a well-known Mashaiq family (Spiritualist theologians) Justice Abul Fazal Syed Mahmood Quadri was also a great poet and man of letters. He has quite a few publications to his credit. He also served the Jamia Nizamia too as a Secretary for decades.

Mohammed Azmathullah Siddiqui’s lineage makes him one among the progeny of Hzt. Abdul Qadir Jellani Ghouse-e-Azam (RHA).

Prince Shahamat Jah, Grand Son of Nizam-ul-Mulk Mir Usman Ali Khan Bhadur, Barrister Mohammed Azmathullah Siddiqui and others.

Mohammed Azmathullah Siddiqui’s father Mr. Shahbaz Mohammed Kaleemullah Siddiqui is a highly educated and very talented person who is double MA and LLB, and scholar of history. He is a highly respected personality among the political as well as the business fraternity. He needs no introduction as a famous Diamond Merchant of Deccan.


Mohammed Azmathullah Siddiqui’s mother Shahzadi Nafeesunnisa Begum­ is also a well qualified Science graduate as well as double post graduate and well known educationist and served as the Government Lecturer and Principal of the prestigious Mehboobia Government Degree College.

Mohammed Azmathullah Siddiqui’s elder brother Mohammed Barkatullah Siddiqui is a famous Advocate of the High Court/Supreme Court and is also a member of International Bar Association, (London). He is counted among the best of the Legal fraternity.



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