Now Supreme Court takes a dig at Govt’s Sedition booking practices


THE Supreme Court on Monday took a dig at the growing trend of slapping sedition charges against media persons by sarcastically asking whether a sedition case had been initiated against a news channel that showed a dead body being dropped into a river in Balrampur district of Uttar Pradesh.

Justice DY Chandrachud who was heading a three-judge bench made the remark during the course of a hearing related to Covid19 management at the national level.

Justice Nageswara Rao said he had seen the news of a dead body being thrown into the river. Justice Chandrachud joined Justice Rao and remarked ” I don’t know if a sedition case has been filed against the news channel yet”.

The video from Balrampur, shot by someone driving on the bridge from where the body was dumped, was widely shared on social media. In the clip two men, including one in a PPE kit, are seen lifting the body, which is wrapped in a bag, to be thrown over the bridge into the Rapti river, the Hindu had reported yesterday

On April 30, the Supreme Court had passed an order warning state governments of contempt action if citizens were harassed or victimized for flagging non-availability of oxygen and essential medicines over the internet.

“It is with deep distress that we note that individuals seeking help on such platforms have been targeted, by alleging that the information posted by them is false and has only been posted in social media to create panic, defame the administration or damage the “national image”. We do not hesitate in saying that such targeting shall not be condoned”, the court had said.


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