Bills Passed “at an average of under 7 minutes” in Parliament


With as many as 12 bills passed by the Lok Sabha with an average time of less than minutes devoted to them at a time when both the houses of Parliament clocking around 18 hours out of a total of 107, Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien hit out at the Modi government for rushing the bills through Parliament without much discussion and asked if it is ‘passing legislation or making papari chaat’.

“In the first 10 days, Modi-Shah rushed through and passed 12 Bills at an average time of UNDER SEVEN MINUTES per Bill Pouting face (See shocking chart). Passing legislation or making papri chaat!” remarked Derek O’Brien.

The monsoon session that began on July 19 has been facing disruptions over various issues including the Pegasus snooping allegations and the farmers’ protest. The government has rushed many bills through Parliament amid the chaos and protest by the Opposition benches.

According to the chart shared by the TMC MP, the Marine Aids to Navigation Bill was passed after 8 minutes of discussion in Rajya Sabha on July 27, Juvenile Justice Bill on July 28 after 5 minutes of discussion, Factoring Regulation Bill on July 29 after 7 minutes of discussion and Coconut Development Board Bill on July 30 after a minute of discussion.

The duration does not include a speech by the minister.

Similarly, in the Lok Sabha, the Factoring Regulation Bill was passed after 13 minutes of discussion and the National Institute of Food Technology, Entrepreneurship and Management Bill after 6 minutes of discussion on July 26. On July 28, four bills were passed with the Supplementary Demands for Grants and Demands for Excess Grants Bill getting a maximum of 9 minutes while Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code Bill getting 5 minutes, Appropriation Bill number 3 and 4 getting 3 minutes each. On July 29, two bills were cleared. While the Inland Vessels Bill was passed in 6 minutes, the Airports Economic Regulatory Authority of India Bill was passed in just 14 minutes.

According to data compiled by PRS Legislative, the Lok Sabha has passed five bills only after a total discussion time of just 44 minutes. This indicates that the bills are not subjected to proper scrutiny and were cleared without taking into consideration any objection that the opposition could have raised during the proper discussion.

The government, on the other hand, has said that there was a loss of Rs 133 crore due to the disruptions caused by the Opposition.



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