BJP forcing people to live in fear, brutalising minorities: Sonia Gandhi


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mantra of ‘maximum governance, minimum government’ actually means forcing people to live in fear and insecurity, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi said at the party’s brainstorming session in Udaipur Friday.

The interim president said: “By now, it has become abundantly and painfully clear what PM Modi and his colleagues really mean by their slogan ‘maximum governance, minimum government’.

“It means keeping the country in a permanent state of polarisation, compelling people to live in a constant state of fear and insecurity, viciously targeting, victimising and often brutalising minorities who are an integral part of our society and equal citizens of our republic.”

Gandhi also said the three-day session was a good opportunity to discuss national issues and meaningfully self-introspect.

The Congress’ three-day ‘Nav Sankalp Chintan Shivir’ began Friday in Udaipur to jumpstart its campaign for the 2024 elections.

On Monday, Sonia Gandhi had said it was imperative that leaders and workers stepped forward and repaid their “debt to the party in full measure at a critical juncture” when the party is beset with challenges.

In her opening remarks Monday at the Congress Working Committee meeting to discuss the agenda of the ‘chintan shivir’, Gandhi noted there were no magic wands for electoral success.

She urged party leaders to ensure that the overpowering message that emerged from Udaipur would be one of “of unity, cohesion, determination and commitment to the party’s accelerated revival”.

The Congress chief also said the ‘chintan shivir’ should herald a restructured organisation to meet the many ideological, electoral and managerial tasks faced by the party.


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