About Us

Mr. Shahbaz Mohammed Kaleemullah Siddiqui is an erudite writer. He is a law Graduate and M.A (Public Adm) M.A (History) and research scholar of History. Erudition and aristocracy both are heirloom to him. He is the President of all India Graduates and Post Graduates Congress.

He has been a sincere but silent worker of the Congress party for decades and still serves his party with humility and diligence sans ostentation. He is a votary and a champion of the composite culture, The Ganga –Jamuni Tehzeeb. Secularism is his credo.

Mr. Siddiqui is the Chief Editor, Publisher, Printer and Owner of the National English Weekly…PUBLIC FRONT.

He is a writer of so many political and historical books. Sonia Gandhi “A PARAGON OF RECTITUDE” is one of his famous Treatises.